While cupcakes have jumped the shark (oh, c’mon, you know it’s true), doughnuts are poised to come on strong. But, aside from the trendsetting existence of Voodoo Doughnut, what exactly is it that gives the humble doughnut its cultural mystique?

In a delicious synergy, two of many people’s favorite things come together as Good Eats host Alton Brown discusses his philosophy of doughnuts in a Serious Eats video.

The secret? Well it seems like doughnuts and McDonald’s share the same key to success: consistency. Brown talks about visiting World’s Fair Donuts in St. Louis: “This couple that’s owned the place since 1974, they haven’t changed anything,” notes Alton. “They’re not doing focus groups, ‘well, how did you like the pomegranate cruller?’ They could give a crap. They’re making the same thing that they made 30 years ago. And I think food like that that doesn’t change becomes a touchpoint.”

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