Those looking to stretch their grocery dollars—and who isn’t these days?—will find unmatchable deals at Western Beef, chocolatebirthdaycake advises. One of the best, at the deli counter in the Chelsea location, is delicious rotisserie chicken with herbs: just $4.99 for a whole bird, marked down to $2.50 after 9 p.m.

Other budget bites here include big, tasty French bread pizzas for $1.99 apiece; store-label cereals, including knockoffs of Cap’n Crunch and other pricier name brands; and, for dessert, Little Debbie Marshmallow Supremes—“the poor man’s Mallomars at only $1.59/box,” says chocolatebirthdaycake, “but surprisingly, they taste soooooo much better than Mallomars!”

Western Beef, for the uninitiated, is a no-frills supermarket, strong on Latin American provisions. “If you think their food is not ‘fancy’ enough for you,” chocolatebirthdaycake adds, “be comforted by the fact that some of the Meat District’s most noteworthy chefs buy their chicken/meats HERE.”

guttergourmet prescribes a more potent economic stimulus: the namesake combo at 123 Burger Shot Beer in Hell’s Kitchen. Here, he reports, $8 bought a cold Newcastle, a kamikaze shot, and three really good sliders. “Suddenly, things were looking up (except for the stock market).”

Western Beef [Chelsea]
431 W. 16th Street (between Ninth and 10th avenues), Manhattan

123 Burger Shot Beer [Hell’s Kitchen]
738 10th Avenue (between W. 50th and 51st streets), Manhattan

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