If you enjoy the flavor of wasabi, there is no reason to enjoy it only at the sushi bar. Think of it as an addition to your spice cabinet, whether you use prepared paste or a powdered version, and add it to all kinds of dishes.

Wasabi can spike a variety of condiments, from mayonnaise for sandwiches to sour cream, which can be used as a dip or an accompaniment to roast beef. serah cooks green peas, purées them with a bit of stock, adds wasabi, and uses the purée as a sandwich spread. MartiniGenie mixes wasabi and fresh dill into yogurt, and uses it to top grilled chicken or for dipping shrimp.

goodhealthgourmet spreads wasabi paste on fish or chicken, presses sesame seeds onto the paste, sears until the seeds are golden brown, and finishes cooking the fish or chicken in the oven. Others rub lamb chops or pork tenderloin with wasabi before cooking.

Many hounds love wasabi in mashed potatoes, and Cheese Boy uses it to color and flavor steamed white rice. hotoynoodle mixes wasabi with cream cheese and fills wonton skins with it, then deep-fries.

Try adding wasabi to salad dressings, marinades, deviled eggs, and Bloody Marys.

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