Several Chowhounds are fans of Better Than Bouillon stock base as a shortcut when small amounts of stock are called for. There’s “no comparison to those salty bouillon cubes,” says jorame, who’s a fan of the chicken flavor. “When you just need just a little enhancement—such as flavoring a stir fry, boosting sauces, making rice pilaf, adding zip to soups, stews—it’s great!” The Professor says it makes a great broth in a pinch, especially when simmered with a bit of meat. jcattles adds a teaspoon of chicken base to her mashed potatoes with milk and butter, giving them great flavor.

As a vegetarian, arifa thinks that “nothing beats their No Chicken and No Beef products when a recipe calls for meaty broths that I can’t use.” MMRuth keeps the vegetable base on hand, and oakjoan uses the mushroom quite often. C. Hamster thinks Minor’s Soup Bases have better flavor, though.

More Than Gourmet concentrates can be used as is as you would demi-glace, or diluted as stock. “They’re pricey,” says nemo, “but all the work is done!”

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