Lahmajun, sometimes called Armenian pizza, is a whole pita covered with topping—typically an herby, tomatoey, spicy ground meat mixture. The best lahmajun in Los Angeles is at a 40-year-old Armenian institution, Partamian Abraham Armenian Bakery, says Burger Boy. “I been preaching Partamian’s for years,” he says. Partamian’s is excellent, agrees Mattapoisett in LA.

Partamian’s recently changed hands, but the changeover was internal—after Mr. Partamian died, the family got together and gave the business to two longtime employees. The lahmajun, reports Burger Boy, is just as good as ever.

Most places just make lahmajun with beef, but the best places make it with a bit of lamb for more flavor, explains Burger Boy. That’s how his grandmother used to make it.

Partamian Abraham Armenian Bakery [South LA]
5410 W. Adams Boulevard, Los Angeles

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