Time is running out for those who want to pick up a turkey that’s a little fancier than your average supermarket Butterball, but there are still options available if you act fast fast fast.

Stillman’s Farm is sold out of heritage turkeys, but traditional (and wonderful) turkeys are still available for $65 to $120. Customers can drive out to the farm through Wednesday for pickup, or arrange to get the birds at one of several local farmers’ markets on Sunday or Tuesday.

teezeetoo says Whole Foods carries “humongously expensive but very good heirloom birds” and Mayflower has “reasonable, excellent, antibiotic/hormone-free birds but neither organic nor local.” Ordering ahead at Mayflower is encouraged, but itaunas has bought last-minute, and has also found capons, “which aren’t the traditional turkey but are a nice size for a smaller group of people.”

And for rock-bottom prices, Spike notes that Trader Joe’s has hormone/antibiotic-free turkeys for a mere $2.30 a pound.

Stillman’s Farm [MetroWest]
1205 Barre Road, New Braintree

Mayflower [Cambridge]
621 Cambridge Street, Cambridge

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