Like many cooking schools, Cambridge’s Cordon Bleu has its own restaurant, where the students get to try out their new skills, and patrons forgive some sloppiness for the privilege of getting a great meal at a good price. But Technique’s prices, which formerly hovered around the $15 to $18 mark for mains and $8 to $10 for appetizers, weren’t all that great.

Now, however, the menu has undergone a renovation, and the prix fixe menus might just be the best deal in town. There are five courses available, and you can choose three for $12 and five for a gobsmacking $15, an even more jaw-dropping $10 at lunch. Jpan99 and friends chose the three-course option. The meal started with brioche rolls and butter, and then salad: “The salads were fine, just enough. The shrimp app had two nice-sized shrimp with sauce on a toast circle. The filet mignon was probably a 4- or 5-ounce piece served on mashed potatoes with vegetables. The cod was in a broth with some fava beans and pearl potatoes. Probably a 5-ounce piece of fish.”

For dessert, the apple pie was “like a small tart served warm with ice cream.” All in all, quite worth it, insists Jpan99: “It’s not the best restaurant you’ll eat in, but the food was perfectly fine and the idea is to support the students in the kitchen and the dining room.” And get a good bargain while you’re at it.

Technique [Cambridge]
215 First Street, Cambridge

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