An Australian study reveals that while smokers smoke to cope, (moderate) drinkers drink to celebrate. The survey, which interviewed 2,000 Australians in April, found that respondents who consumed up to three drinks a day were happier than those who never drank.

Naturally, this sort of thing raises a bunch of correlation/causation, chicken/egg questions. For example, it’s entirely possible that happy, well-adjusted people have lots of friends and therefore lots of opportunities to hang out and drink moderately.

Also revealed by this survey, now among my personal favorites: Exercise is good stuff, but there’s no need to go hog-wild with it. Survey author and Deakin University professor Bob Cummins said that “those who did a moderate amount of exercise—three times a week—had enhanced wellbeing, but there was no added benefit to more frequent exercise.”

There you go, folks: Bust out the Kwak and the shuffleboard, and get happy.

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