For Italian food in Los Angeles, Scarpetta is the new champion, says maiweezy.

Even the bread is top-notch, says maiweezy. Their ciabattini is pillowy and warm, with a slight crusty chew. Pork-stuffed arrancini is crisp and not too dense. Of the scallops with sunchokes, maiweezy says: “The scallop was beautifully cooked, and the most delicious scallop I’ve had in recent memory.” Their polenta is cheesy and buttery. And their tomato spaghetti has screaming bright flavors and great texture, says maiweezy.

But maiweezy prefers the more subtle charms of their spelt pasta alla chitarra. “The texture and flavor is as delicate as Japanese soba. I can taste wheat and it has a great chew and I appreciate every little strand. It’s like soba that’s been tossed in a LOT of butter, cheese, and adorned with little cubes of mushroom and pumpkin.”

It’s a great bargain for lunch: $28 for two dishes, and $12 for each additional plate. You get the poor man’s version at lunch—for example, the dinner scallops dish comes with shaved white truffles, while the lunch version comes with some truffle broth—but the experience is still fantastic.

Scarpetta at Montage [Westside – Inland]
225 N. Canon Drive, Beverly Hills

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