In an article that’s the foodie equivalent of those annual best places to live stories, Forbes talks to industry insiders for the scoop on America’s up-and-coming food capitals (click on the In Depth link for the slideshow). And quite a few aren’t on either coast.

The list is interesting: Tucson (for its diverse independent restaurant scene), Chapel Hill (farm-to-table galore), Baton Rouge (nouveau Cajun), Memphis (creative regional American), Fredericksburg (Texas Hill Country cuisine), and San Diego (craft beer, natch). Also on the list: Brooklyn. Seriously. I’ll link to Saul Steinberg’s famously myopic New Yorker cover and leave it at that.

But what’s most surprising is Salt Lake City. Forbes claims that “local farmers, cheese makers, bakers, and chefs are turning Salt Lake City into a must-visit destination.” It sounds promising. Of course Chowhounds have been investigating what’s worth checking out there for a while.

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