El Oaxaqueno is little more than a front room in the owner’s home, but the store is packed with all kinds of Oaxacan cooking essentials: chiles costenos and smoky pasillas oaxaquenos, Oaxacan chocolate, mole negro and mole rojo, real quesillo, mezcal, heart-shaped herb hoja santa, chapulines (toasted grasshoppers) and more.

“There are a lot of great products here to be discovered, so anyone who has the slightest interest in regional mexican food should rush over there and check it out,” says kirinraj.

There are also breads such as pan de yema and pan amarillo; and cookware such as clay ollas (pots) for making chocolate and coffee, cazuelas (clay cookware for stews), molinillos (chocolate whisks); and Oaxacan hats and sandals.

Calling ahead is essential, as the shop doesn’t have consistent hours.

El Oaxaqueno [South Bay]
300 E. William Street, San Jose

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