In a town where merely uttering the words “best pizza” can raise the temperature at a table of Chowhounds, Brooklyn’s Best Pizza may actually live up to its audacious name. When it’s on its game, this Williamsburg newcomer turns out terrific old-school pies with a few newfangled twists. “Absolutely delicious,” declares kariface, who sampled the margherita, white, and grandma pizzas that anchor the short menu. “Perfect ingredients, everything on point, with proper ratios of crust:sauce:cheese. They have an amazing old brick oven that gives you a perfect pie—not too burny/charred like many other places.”

Though barely a month old, Best Pizza has a history behind it. It inherited that venerable wood-fired oven from its predecessors, most recently the well-regarded Brooklyn Star and, before that, Brick Oven Gallery. It has a pedigree, too, with backing from Brooklyn Star and pizza destination Roberta’s. But Best Pizza’s pie has no obvious forebears; the savvy Slice locates the house style “somewhere between New York and Neapolitan-American.” Unconventional toppings like pickled vegetables and locally grown produce make this pizza a Brooklyn original.

Hounds report some opening-month ups and downs. kathryn enjoyed the crisp-chewy crust of one pie but not the thin, soggy crust of the next. ChiefHDB liked the lusty anchovy undertones in the raw-tomato sauce on his first grandma slice, but found them missing from his second. Still, he sees enormous promise here. “I’ll be back next time in Williamsburg,” he vows.

Best Pizza [Williamsburg]
33 Havemeyer Street (between N. Seventh and Eighth streets), Brooklyn

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