Now that the Japanese are drinking more wine, it’s starting to emerge in popular culture—and no culture is more pop than manga, the ubiquitous comic books featuring big-eyed heroes and notoriously tentacled villains. Everyone reads manga in Japan, not just kids, which is why it makes sense as a vehicle for wine education.

The New York Times features the Japanese manga series, The Drops of the Gods (check out the slideshow), which follows the adventures of a son in search of his dead father’s 12 favorite wines. “Pitted against his adopted brother, who happens to be a sommelier, Shizuku must catch up in his knowledge so he can find the 12 wines mentioned in his father’s will and inherit his father’s vast cellar,” the Times summarizes.

It’s fascinating to see the often boring and Eurocentric wine culture recast as comic book fare and interesting to see which wines are featured. So popular is the comic that wine sellers quickly stock that week’s featured vino because they know it’ll sell out—POW!

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