How do you get the fluffiest scrambled eggs? Chowhounds use a variety of methods. jerzzy asserts that a low burner and constant mixing are all that’s needed, but blue room adds a teaspoon or two of water for every two or three eggs. Miss Needle agrees that adding water makes fluffy scrambled eggs.

yayadave says that aerating with an immersion blender before scrambling does it, and maria lorraine whips with a hand-held mixer. tmso produced “scrambled egg clouds” by separating out half the whites, beating them to soft peaks, and folding the beaten eggs into the whites, then cooking. “Those were some seriously fluffy eggs.”

For a really unorthodox approach, Wiley adds a heaping tablespoon of creamed horseradish for every two eggs, saying the horseradish’s heat disappears as the eggs are cooked, but really fluffs them up somehow.

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