On my last trip to Golden Gate Meat Company in San Francisco’s Ferry Building I was on a mission to pick up two 10-pound bone-in smoked hams to test for our Festivus menu and was so impressed by the guys and gals behind the counter. They were so nice, and the store has a familiar neighborly feel that puts you at ease despite it being in the middle of a huge market. I almost forgot that these hams weren’t for me and that I was in the midst of my workday running around like a madwoman trying to finish my entire ingredient shopping for the week. I have to say it was refreshing and comforting to be able to go to a good butcher who knows and loves what he is doing.

On a side note, today was the second test of Amy’s ham recipe, and it was delicious. I would have to say from the reaction of the CHOW team that ham would definitely win in a battle against turkey. Both times we have tested the ham there was nothing left but the bone and even that got claimed shortly afterward so someone could make split pea soup. I have truly become a ham admirer—for now, anyways.

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