There’s a new food blogger in town, and he happens to be the most adorable candidate for Agriculture Commissioner of South Carolina this writer has ever seen. Probably also the most adorable candidate for Agriculture Commissioner anywhere.

Emile DeFelice, the aforementioned adorable candidate, raises pigs for a living and lets his animals roam free on a certified organic farm. He helps direct a farm stewardship association and has supercute kids and a wife who makes her own wine. And as a central part of his campaign, he’s drawing attention to the local-food movement: The whole family has been eating nothing but locally-produced food since July 4th and plans to continue through election day. He’s making rather good use of the camera and the blog medium in documenting their eat-local challenge, too; those pork chops in particular look mighty chompable.

Sure, he’s not a perfect candidate. As Fesser at The Gurgling Cod points out (Fesser is the one who introduced me, btw), Emile does have a penchant for silly puns —the whole “put your state on your plate,” “put my pork on your fork” thing could get a little old. And Emile also seems inordinately worried that people will mispronounce his name.

Still, this guy is inspiring—he even has a whip-smart energy policy that recognizes the inherent limitations of corn ethanol and soybean-based biofuels and instead emphasizes solar and wind power!! Head and shoulders above my state’s ag commissioner, who’s actually pretty cool. If any of y’all are contemplating a move to South Carolina before November, I say do it, and vote DeFelice. And if you already live there, well, lucky you (for many reasons). Anyone know of other cool food-forward politicians?

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