Tasca is a heartbreakingly good tapas and wine bar, says tokyoastrogirl. It’s the kind of place you dream about having in your neighborhood: cozy, friendly, and the menu’s packed with dreamily great small plates.

Best of all are the arancini—a pair of perfectly round, deep-fried balls of risotto and wild mushrooms, with truffled sauce. It’s heavenly, says tokyoastrogirl. Gambas al ajillo—sautéed shrimp in garlic sauce—is “savory, perfectly cooked and just mouthwateringly, bowl-lickin’ good,” she says.

Ceviche is mild, mellow, and perfectly balanced, with just the right amount of acidity, and “not a hint of fishiness.” Handmade gnocchi are light, airy, and pillowy. And chocolate mousse is gorgeous: dense, bittersweet, and dark.

Tasca Resaturant [Mid-City]
8108 W. Third Street, Los Angeles

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