Some early reviewers disliked Gordon Ramsay back when it first opened. The kitchen must have really gotten its act together since then, says J.L., because the place is excellent now. There’s spectacularly good chilled almond soup with roasted spot prawn, and perfectly cooked sea scallops, topped with cauliflower purée and sherry vinegar reduction. There’s pressed foie gras with black figs, Pedro Ximenez reduction, on toasted brioche—almost as good as the French Laundry’s version. Even for those who are suspicious of fine dining in Los Angeles, Gordon Ramsay will satisfy, says J.L.

Gordon Ramsay also serves afternoon tea, prix fixe, for $28 a person. The best part of the tea is the scones. They’re “amazingly delicious and addicting,” says burumun. “Very buttery, and with the wonderful blueberry jam and cream they gave us, each bite was just absolutely divine.” You also get outstanding spinach miniquiches, solid minisandwiches, and decent pastries. “I would come back for afternoon tea here just for the scones alone,” says burumun.

Gordon Ramsay [Mid-City]
1020 N. San Vicente Boulevard, West Hollywood

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