Flat iron steaks are best cooked “fast and furious,” says Uncle Bob, over a “screaming hot grill.” “In my opinion, flat iron steaks taste best when they are marinated for a few hours and then quickly seared in a super-hot pan, cast iron being my vessel of choice,” agrees twj. “I’ve cooked it this way, then sliced it across the grain to be used in fajitas. It’s a great cut and receptive to a lot of flavor in the marinade.”

“A flat iron steak can be very tender, but, you can’t let it get past medium rare, and slice it thin!” says Mother of four. The only problem with this flavorful, fairly tender cut? “Often there is a band of tough connective tissue in the middle,” says paulj. “Either the cook or the diner can trim it away. Last time I bought one it had not been split. I trimmed the tissue out and simmered it separately till it was tender and gelatinous. I could have used the trimmed meat as a steak, but instead cubed it, and made a good chili.” It’s a great cut for chili, agrees scubadoo97: “tender enough with a good beef flavor.”

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