“Much like the current discussion about Sophia’s amazing silky rich creamy yogurt,” says opinionatedchef, “I thought some CHs might like to know about Bella Ravioli, a fresh pasta Medford institution.”

Oh yeah? Yeah. Here’s the rundown: sauces, ravioli, and fresh pasta, made by running the dough through rollers instead of extruding it. That means the finished product is silky in the mouth rather than compact and dense. You can buy it in sheets and do your own cutting, in standard cuts (spaghetti, linguini), or by special order. opinionatedchef likes taglierini, a width between lingini and tagliatelle. The only flavor available is plain, though opinionatedchef has brought in stuff like cilantro and jalapeño and the owners have cheerfully made pasta with it.

There’s some disagreement over whether the ravioli is fab or not (“too thick,” pronounces lergnom), but the pasta gets hearty thumbs-up from all. “I’d actually eat the fresh pasta raw on the way home,” says mjg0725. Now that’s good pasta.

Bella Ravioli [North of Boston]
369 Main Street, Medford

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