Bussaco, which opened this month in Park Slope, had corndog1 from the bread basket (baguette, olive, and a slightly sweet loaf), and things got even better from there. A frisée salad with egg and Surrey ham was just right: “Perfectly cooked egg, wonderful with the salty ham and bitter greens.” A special appetizer of octopus was tender, smoky, and delicious. Tortellini with squash and mushroom was another standout: “Every bite tasted different.” Overall, he writes, it was an outstanding meal.

Susan Hope also came away happy, endorsing the octopus and another appetizer, salmon tartare with house-made pickles and chopped egg, as well as beef with braised sweetbreads. Fay reports one misstep, a flavorless entrée of sea bass with clams, in an otherwise enjoyable dinner. “I’m hoping this was just an early slip-up in the kitchen,” she adds, “because I agree that the place shows great promise.”

The owner is a sommelier and a former manager at Gotham Bar & Grill, and the wine program is accordingly strong. golfcrazy1976 reports an excellent list, small but soon to be expanded, “without the incredible markups that are found at some other restaurants.”

Portions are not large, but neither are prices, and no one seems to be complaining. For Susan’s party of three, the bill was about $160 before tip, “good value since everything was so fresh and tasty.”

Bussaco [Park Slope]
833 Union Street (near Seventh Avenue), Brooklyn

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