When I started working on CHOW videos four years ago, original video on the Web was a murky world of fuzzy user uploads of questionable use, interminable cooking demos, and glossy, personality-based broadcast hand-me-downs. Hell, it still is. We’ve tried to do something different with our videos—we pay attention to our shooting as well as our talent, making sure that the quality is high and the details are precise. We always thought of our videos as a shorter-form version of the kind of stuff you’d find on TV, back when there was a difference between TV content and web content. (And we got an Emmy nomination, too.) Now look, you can watch our videos on TV!

Last month CHOW launched its own channel on the popular digital video player Roku, and we’ve been getting great feedback about it since then. Roku is a player that streams instant Netflix and Amazon Video, in addition to much more. You pay to buy the player once, and there is no fee from there (as long as you already have a Netflix account). If you have a Roku player, in order to add CHOW as a new channel, you need to go to the channel store, click to the “popular channels,” and you’ll see the CHOW logo ready to be added. Or just follow this link.

In addition to Roku, CHOW Video can also be seen on Google TV. Again, you need a player in order to be able to scroll through our videos and play them on your TV, though some new sets are being built with the capability internally. If you’re all set up with that, Google CHOW TV.

On the big screen, on the little screen—CHOW likes to give you options.

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