Some people disparage A-Frame for just giving you some demented combination of bar foods. Other people love it because, well, it gives you some demented combination of bar food. “If you want incredibly sophisticated food, don’t go to A-Frame. If you want incredibly tasty food in a fun environment, I suggest you check it out,” says terwilliger.

Want kettle corn with nori? It’s absurdly good, says terwilliger. Mixed nuts with beef jerky is “by far the best beef jerky I’ve ever had, period,” says yogachik. Vegetable tempura and beer-can chicken get good marks. Chicken salad over cornbread is profound, says yogachik: It has sausage ragout and pickled onions and green salsa, and it grows on you with every bite. And they probably have the best lamb chops in town, says yogachik.

A-Frame is the latest restaurant from Roy Choi, the dude behind the Kogi truck phenomenon. terwilliger doesn’t much like Kogi, but loves A-Frame. And “I don’t know if it was because everyone was excited to be at this brand-new spot, but the communal tables worked better here than at most other restaurants. We actually met the people sitting around us and shared food with them,” says terwilliger.

A-Frame [Westside – Inland]
12565 Washington Boulevard, Culver City

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