Canton Gourmet and Bakery specializes in xian bing, “which are basically Chinese meat pies. A round empanada, if you will, or perhaps a quesadilla,” explains ipsedixit. They’re about the size of a hamburger patty, wrapped in unrisen dough, then pan-fried and steamed. “The optimal result should be a crunchy, yet subtly chewy skin. There should be a nice crust, but the middle of the wrapper should still be a tad white (or al dente, if you will),” explains ipsedixit. “Oh, and for those XLB devotees, there’s soup inside these things!”

Canton Gourmet has xian bing of every sort: beef, pork, lamb, and lots of mixed flavors. There are 12 in all. And they’re excellent, with a rich dough that stops just short of greasy.

Canton Gourmet and Bakery [San Gabriel Valley]
846 E. Garvey Avenue,
 Monterey Park

Discuss: Canton Gourmet and Bakery … serving, of all things, Northern Chinese specialties, incl. Xian Bing (餡餅)

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