The sport of the season is cutting squash. The autumn varieties of the fruit are delicious, it’s true, but they also tend to be large, awkwardly shaped, and hard-skinned. Seriously, they’re so hard to open, it’s almost like the Great Food Deity doesn’t really want us to eat them.

Some people resort to light construction tools to break open their gourd. Then there’s the RJW Automated Butternut Squash Peeler, which claims to do the work for you. Judging from the video on its website, it makes quick work of butternut squash rinds, but what about other varieties? And the company’s claim that “the peeling unit has a small footprint and is very portable” leaves some room for doubt—the thing looks so big that you’d have to clear out a corner of the garage for it.

For those of us without the garage space, there was an Ask
Metafilter thread about how to peel and cut squash
a couple of years ago debating the merits of various tools versus just cooking it whole. Google Answers from around the same time come to the “cook it whole” conclusion.

If you prefer to cut before cooking, our own Aïda Mollenkamp offers some useful squash-opening tips.

And if all else fails, you may want to find yourself a pumpkin cannon. Now there’s a real sport.

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