Just when we were collectively giving up on the Internet’s power to astound and entertain, wham! Along comes Feed the King. It’s a free online game that’s basically the coolest thing this side of Tetris. (Which is to say, not terribly complicated but almost infinitely replayable.) It’s two games in one: The first is a game wherein a wide variety of delicious-looking cakes are stacked (the more precarious the stack, the higher the bonus) toward the sky, avoiding random floating bombs in the process. The second game is steering an airborne ravenous king through the air as he gobbles up the cake tower. Seems ridiculous. Is ridiculous. Is also highly entertaining.

Even more charming (if slightly less obsession-forming) is Sushi Cat. You personify a cat bent on becoming huge by consuming massive amounts of sushi. There’s a backstory built into the game if you care, but the main goal is to drop a bouncy cat down a sushi-studded pachinko board and try to snarf down as many bits of fish as is felinely possible each drop. It’s a game that’s low on stress and high on whimsy.

Burger Time should be familiar to any and all of us born in the mid-’70s or earlier. To everyone else, this is what you missed: a little chef dude running around a bunch of ladders trying to dump buns and lettuce onto pickles and eggs chasing him. Clearly the product of some sort of food service/bad acid fever dream.

Papa’s Pizzeria is good enough that it should probably be part of the mandatory training program at pizzerias coast to coast. You juggle picky customers, order prioritization, low tips, numerous toppings, and the general hurly-burly of trying to do 15 things at once in a game that’s cartoonish enough to be fun while real enough to be stressful. Jumping between the front counter, the topping station, and the oven should be enough to induce PTSD in anyone who’s ever had to work at one of these places in real life on a busy Friday night.

Finally, it’s only food-themed because of the fruit, but, hey. Pac-Man. Google’s version is pretty fun.

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