The Sofitel has a new restaurant, headed by Kerry Simon (of Simon Kitchen & Bar in Las Vegas’s Hard Rock Hotel). First impressions are just trickling in, but Chowpatty says everything is well executed and service was good. Standouts: tuna dynamite appetizer, lobster roll, gazpacho with avocado, and a very light but tasty seared ahi salad. Some yummy pretzel bread and cornbread can be found in the bread basket.

Margherita pizza, with good crust and just the right ratio of cheese to tomatoes, is another winner, says ipse dixit, who wasn’t as keen on the pricey shellfish platter ($38 for just-OK lobster, crab legs, shrimp, clams, and mussels) and tasteless crab cake.

And of course it’s hard to mess up fried potatoes–fries are nicely well-done, tater tots are crunchy and just a bit sweet. Onion rings are good too, but for $8? As Chowpatty says, “Since it’s a hotel restaurant with trendy pretensions, of course prices are commensurate.”

Simon LA [West Hollywood]
at Sofitel Los Angeles
8555 Beverly Blvd., at La Cienega, Los Angeles

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