There’s newly discovered deliciousness at Yipin, a Flushing hole in the wall that was already on hound radar for its dumplings and noodles. The snack of choice among the regulars, Polecat observes, is an off-menu sandwich that he dubs a “porkburger.” It’s about the size of a bing—a Chinese stuffed bread—and made of thin layers of phyllolike dough, slightly burned and crispy on the bottom, enclosing moist, beautifully seasoned ground meat.

“Think of this as something of a cross between a burek and the lamb burger sold at one of the stalls in the Golden Shopping Mall,” Polecat adds. “It is—to quote the words of that peerless food critic, Cosmo Kramer—a ‘taste explosion.’”

Yipin [Flushing]
40-04 Union Street (near Roosevelt Avenue), Flushing, Queens

Board Link: Delicious ‘Porkburger’ on Flushing’s Union Street

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