What’s not to like about fried dough? The variations are endless, and we say: Bring it on! Rocky’s Fry Bread, a new street food vendor, gives the Bay Area a taste of Native American comfort food—puffy circles of dough (vegan and organic for the local audience) fried to order and served with either honey and powdered sugar on top, or savory toppings like the famous Hatch, New Mexico, chiles. It’s quite delicious, says celeste.

“Big thumbs-up for the savory (the sweet is good too, but less of a meal),” says Windy. “They’re just like the ones we had in Arizona.”

Also look out for his Navajo tacos, with beans, cheese, lettuce, and salsa piled onto a savory fry bread. There are no set prices, but suggested donations are $3 for sweet fry bread and $5 for savory.

shanghaikid notes that there’s also a fry bread vendor at the Thursday farmers’ market in Emeryville. The menu varies, and there are different taco-style toppings. “Tasted like a toasted naan,” he says. Cost is $3 to $4.

Rocky’s Fry Bread
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Fry Bread at Emeryville Farmers Market [East Bay]
Haven Street at City Hall, Emeryville

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