Man, the munchies will make you eat some messed up stuff. I can recall quite a few ill-advised concoctions based around brown sugar and butter (and yet not exactly cookies due to an inability to follow a recipe while high).

Of course those days are behind me now, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t still find hilarity in others’ weed-based adventures.

Take “El Chefe,” a Latino cook with a new YouTube cooking show called Pot and Pans. In his first episode, he sets out to make a munchie-killing burrito based on Lucky Charms, chocolate sauce, and leftover lasagne made by his ex-girlfriend’s mother (they broke up six months ago). Ingredients include a Vanilla Dutch, lighter, and something called “haze” that’s apparently only available in the Bronx.

El Chefe’s delicious Spanish-sprinkled patter and Emeril-like exclamations of “Bong!” may even bring on some nostalgia-induced munchies in you. Thanks, Grub Street, for the tip.

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