“The pozole that Tortilleria Jalisco serves on Saturday afternoon is the best I’ve had in the U.S. … and better than many places in Mexico,” says rworange. “It is what pozole is all about.”

A huge pot of pozole bubbles away on the stove all day, but you’ll have to wait until about 3pm before it’s ready to be scooped out with a big wooden ladle. Marble-sized hominy with perfect chew float in a broth that’s flavorful and rich. You may get a piece of tender pork the size of a pork chop, and if you like, there’s pig’s foot as well. Shredded lettuce, chopped onions, radish slices and lime are all there to be added at your discretion. A small bowl is a generous portion, served with four tostadas, and costs $7.

This is also a good place to get tacos dorados, fried tacos filled with potatoes, beans, cheese, or whatever the specialty of the day is. For something different to drink, try tejuino, a slightly fermented drink of water, brown sugar and masa that’s sometimes topped with lemon sherbert.

And make sure to grab some of the excellent corn and flour tortillas to take home.

Tortilleria Jalisco [Sonoma County]
897 W. Napa Street, Sonoma

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Tortilleria Jalisco–Sonoma

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