chocolatebirthdaycake likes Little Debbie Marshmallow Supremes even better than that legendary chocolate-covered marshmallow cookie treat, the Mallomar. “HOLY $#%T, these are fantastic!!!” says chocolatebirthdaycake—especially at $1.59 per box. The marshmallow is big and soft, and the milk chocolate is delicious, says chocolatebirthdaycake.

michele cindy finds the Little Debbie version to be much sweeter than Mallomars. To combat that issue, chocolatebirthdaycake recommends “pairing” Marshmallow Supremes with a glass of whole or 2 percent milk to cut the sweetness provided by the 15 grams of sugar in each Supreme. Mallomars are much more expensive: almost $5 for a box when not on sale. jfood, though, thinks Mallomars are worth it. “Some people think $100 is a good price for wine,” says jfood, and in his opinion, Mallomars are “a hug from Nabisco at almost any price.”

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