For a little root vegetable variety, Chowhounds like turnips in addition to or instead of potatoes. “I think they are sweeter than potatoes and love to mix them up with anything that calls for potatoes,” says nvcook. “Or peeled, cubed, boiled, and mashed with butter, salt, and pepper.” “Peel, cut them up if they’re big ones, toss in pan with olive oil, fresh rosemary, kosher salt, black pepper, and whole garlic cloves,” says coney with everything. “Roast at fairly high heat, stir often, and watch that the garlic doesn’t burn. You could throw in a few carrots and parsnips if you’ve got them.”

Just remember to peel them, says radcen. “I wasn’t sure whether they needed to be peeled either, so I decided to experiment and added a few unpeeled baby turnips to a soup,” says radcen. “Ugh. Now the whole thing tastes like turnip. My wonderful flavor is all gone and I think I’ll save the braised meat and toss the rest. From now on, I’m peeling my turnips!”

And don’t forget the best part. “Don’t forget about the turnip salad (that’s the green tops for those who don’t know). Prepared just like collards or mustard … it’s the best part of the entire turnip,” says JayL.

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