In researching a story on raw-food diets, I decided to try to grow my own sprouts at home. Sprouts are incredibly nutritious, and it turns out they’re easy to grow. I had this obscure purple barley that takes hours to cook, but instead of cooking it, I sprouted it. I soaked the barley (you can use beans or whatever else you want to sprout, like seeds) in water for a few hours, drained it, and kept it in a Mason jar for a few days, rinsing it every now and then to keep it moist.

The barley got really soft, but still chewy, and it had little tails of sprouted plant attached to it that I used in a salad. I made a simple dressing, added red onion, mango, avocado, and bell pepper. Delicious, nutritious, and kind of science-experiment-y. If you need more information or directions, Sproutpeople is a cool website to use.

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