Sophia’s can be viewed as a kind of red-headed stepchild compared to other Mediterranean/Middle Eastern markets. As StriperGuy has it, “almost everything they sell can be bought at Arax, etc. AND Arax has literally 1,000 additional amazing items.”

Nonetheless, Striper has stumbled upon some items he’s only seen at Sophia’s. Unusual varieties of barley. Something called “sour Greek pasta.” And the most unbelievable homemade sheep and goat milk yogurt imaginable. “Okay, full stop, end of discussion, most amazing yogurt I have ever eaten. Rich and tangy, yet light, fluffy, and fresh at the same time,” he raves. “I have been eating it smeared on everything. Heck, I’d smear it on myself, then lick it off.”

It’s better than Fage, even. “Fage is good stuff, but not even close,” says Striper. And, this “remarkable, local, artisanal product” is only about $3 to $4 for a pound-size tub.

Once you’re done marveling over the yogurt, you can stock up on Greek cheeses (hand-grated by request), dried sausages, and taramasalata. lergnom recommends buying the Lebanyi hunter sticks, breaking them into pieces, and dipping them in the taramasalata in the car.

Sophia’s Greek Pantry [North of Boston]
267 Belmont Street, Belmont

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