Mariscos Jalisco doesn’t just serve your boring, everyday cocteles and uninspiring ceviche, says streetgourmetla. This truck is a specialist in mariscos in the style of San Juan de Los Lagos. Their specialty: taco dorado de camaron (deep-fried shrimp tacos). The taco is filled with a mixture of shrimp and vegetables “and then deep fried until the taco is golden and crisp, and the filling is dark at the outside. Inside, a glorious softness and combined with the slightly fermented salsa produces a flavor that has an almost Asian tang. These are amazing, and are now my favorite taco in LA,” says streetgourmetla.

Raul, the owner, is very proud of his food and his family’s heritage, says streetgourmetla. Raul says the recipe for their taco dorado de camaron comes from a cook he employs; other local trucks have stolen the recipe, says Raul, but this truck is the original source.

Mariscos Jalisco [East LA]
3021 East Olympic Boulevard, Los Angeles
No phone number available

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