The biggest selling point of the Dog Haus is the buns, says The Oracle. “They take 3 Hawaiian rolls and slit them lengthwise—voila! Their bun. Love it.”

The hot dogs are huge, a quarter pound each. They’re juicy, with just enough snap, says The Oracle. The Grand Slam involves a hot dog with a nice, thick slice of smoked bacon along the side. It has potential, though the bacon is currently a little overcooked. That dog is topped with a fried egg and shredded tater tots—a surprisingly decent combination, says The Oracle.

The Downtown Dog is a Los Angeles specialty of a bacon-wrapped dog with peppers and onions. It has a nice, smoked flavor to it, and a good meld of pepper and onion. The Oracle’s only complaint: too much mayo.

“If you want a big ol’ dog on Hawaiian bread—this is the place for you!” says The Oracle.

Dog Haus [San Gabriel Valley]
105 N. Hill Avenue, Pasadena

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