Mexican sandwiches hawked from a truck called Tia Julia are drawing hungry throngs in Jackson Heights. This has become E Eto’s go-to spot for cemitas milanesas, stuffed with freshly fried beef or chicken cutlets, and topped with cheese and, if you like, salsas, pickled jalapeños, and the cilantrolike herb papalo.

The menu also offers better-than-average tacos and quesadillas; stuffed masa tlacoyos, a relative rarity around New York; and intriguing daily specials that might include caldo de camarón (shrimp soup) and cemitas de pata (with beef or pig’s foot). “I haven’t had a clunker,” E Eto reports, “and don’t really expect there to be one.”

Tia Julia [Jackson Heights]
91st Street and Roosevelt Avenue, Jackson Heights, Queens

Board Link: Tia Julia Mexican Antojitos truck Roosevelt/91st

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