Northern Orange County’s close proximity to Rowland Heights really sucks away the motivation to make authentic Chinese food in the area, says Chandavkl. But now, finally, there is Midastee Tea House.

Midastee is primarily a tea shop, but the owners have slowly added a small menu of Taiwanese dishes. They have about 30 items, and it’s good stuff, says Chandavkl. There are noodles, dumplings, rice plates, popcorn chicken, Taiwanese sausage, and pork loin dishes. The chicken roll is great, because it’s made from popcorn chicken. And the fish dumplings are terrific, says Chandavkl.

Pot stickers have good crisp skin and flavorful, moist fillings, says js76wisco. The beef roll has a nice balance of meat, sauce, and cilantro to green onion pancake.

In the end, it’s not as good as the heights of Rowland Heights, but for those times when you can’t take the extra half hour of driving, there’s Midastee.

Midastee Tea House [Orange County]
912 E. Imperial Highway, Brea

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