Nan Shan Xiao Long Bao, leading from strength, touts its soup dumplings right in its name. Those who have tried them aren’t disappointed. Soup is plentiful, filling tasty, and skins thin and delicate, says HLing.

This Flushing newcomer specializes in Shanghai and northern Chinese breakfast and snack fare. Wheat flour pastries like shaobing (sesame cakes) and red bean pancakes are standouts–light and flaky outside, flavorful and tender inside. ZenFoodist reports outstanding turnip buns, pan-fried rice cakes, Shanghai-style thick wheat noodles, and steamed vegetable dumplings with pungent mustard greens. Sweet douhua (soft tofu) boasts nice soy fragrance and superior texture–meltingly soft, yet it holds its shape, observes HLing. She faults only a sweet and overly “polite” quality in some of the dumpling fillings.

Also on the menu: soy milk and youtiao (crullers); drunken chicken, smoked fish, spicy beef and tripe, and other cold plates; chicken, pork rib, and hot-and-sour soups; and chef’s specialties including fish head casserole and braised fish tail. Look for a red awning with “Nan Shan (or Nanxiang) Xiao Long Bao” in Chinese and “Noodle House” in English.

A couple blocks south, PeteDelfino recommends White Bear, an eight-seat hole-in-the-wall whose Chinese sign promises Shanghai and Shandong bites. Fresh-made wonton are great, in soup or with hot sauce. Assorted dumplings and rice plates, rice cake or bean curd dishes, and noodles (with pork, brown sauce beef, preserved vegetable, etc.) round out the menu.

Nan Shan Crab Soup Bun, a.k.a. Noodle House [Flushing]
38-12 Prince St., between 38th and 39th Aves., Flushing, Queens

White Bear [Flushing]
135-02 Roosevelt Ave. #5, entrance on Prince St. between Roosevelt and 40th Rd., Flushing, Queens
Map (approximate)

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