Actor Dan Aykroyd is either insane, or he is a brilliant marketer. Those are the options offered up by MetaFilter
who’ve viewed the commercial for Aykroyd’s new
Crystal Head Vodka
. The vodka is not only triple distilled, it is quadruple distilled, and then “triple filter[ed] through 500-million-year-old diamonds.” It comes in a glass bottle the size and shape of a human skull, the design of which is meant to evoke the infamous crystal skulls, which New Agers say have the power show
visions of the past, present, and future

OK, cool, right? Vodka in a bottle shaped like a skull. Can’t really go wrong with that. Except that no one seems to be able to tell from Aykroyd’s advertising video if he really attributes mystical powers to the skull or not.

“Since childhood I have been fascinated with the invisible world,” he says. “A world which can help us get through life if we know how to draw upon its power. A world serving positive projections, wherein you use your own personal and spiritual abilities to believe and subsequently make true the things that you want to have happen for yourself.” From there, Aykroyd goes on to describe the power of ghosts, UFOs, and the crystal skulls.

The guy’s so compelling, so theatrical, that it’s impossible to look away. And equally impossible to tell if he’s serious. Aykroyd has been involved in the booze business for some time now, via Dan Aykroyd Wines. He tells
online food magazine Delish
that Crystal Head Vodka is made from “Newfoundland glacial pool water and peaches and cream corn mash.” According to BevMo,
it retails for $49.99 a bottle

Pretty cheap for a beverage that, Aykroyd says, “allows us, if we wish, to connect to the message of the crystal heads’ purpose on earth.”

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