I was hanging out in my old hippie college town, Eugene, Oregon, and had some pizza that changed my life. I really did. This place, the Pizza Research Institute, is tiny and stoner-y (reggae soundtrack, extremely slow to get your food) and stealth vegetarian, in that it doesn’t make mention of its meatlessness, it just doesn’t offer meat on the menu.

Unlike any pizza I’ve ever had, there was an herbal slab crust, and if you order the chef’s special (which I did), you may get all of the following: caramelized onions, eggplant, green pepper, black olive, cranberries, peaches, corn. I had a revelation when I tasted it: All produce goes together. Yes, fruit, too. Oh GOD it was good. And ever since, I have been making giant salads with everything from grapes to daikon.

Pizza Research Institute
1328 Lawrence Street, Eugene, Oregon

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