Even the French Laundry Is Serving It

John T. Edge notes on Gourmet.com that the ranch dressing you like is coming back into style. In his blog post, he details his personal history with the dressing: “I had eaten one too many salads of iceberg and shaved carrots, drenched in a torrent of anemic white nothingness.” As well as backs up his thesis that the humble dressing consisting of mayo, buttermilk, and herbs is making a comeback. Primary indicators are an Oxford, Mississippi, restaurant that serves “frog wings”—deep-fried frog legs served with a side of buttermilk ranch—and Cakes & Ale’s fried okra served “with a bullet of buttermilk ranch.”

But the best part is that the piece contains four words I never expected to see together in one clause, let alone on a menu: “French Laundry Ranch dressing.”

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