The Consumerist reports on what may be the Mother of All Credit Card Errors. A Minneapolitan diner at PotBelly Sandwich Works was surprised that his $4.23 sandwich came through as $858,432.06.

His wife wrote to the Consumerist:

When my husband went to PotBelly the next day, they could give us no information. I can’t imagine them reversing an $858,000 charge anyway, especially without a receipt (given this was done after my husband had left the premises.)

Just to put things into perspective, $858,000 could buy:
About 203,000 PotBelly sandwiches
9,755 double porterhouse steaks at Manny’s, the finest steak joint in the Twin Cities
2,860 prix fixe meals at New York City’s Masa
or 57 of those stupid “diamond-tinis” at the Tokyo Ritz-Carlton.

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