Sublime pizzas tend to come from pizza shops with gigantic wood-burning ovens, but given a great hunk of premade pizza dough, you can turn out a decent pie at home.

There are plenty of places around town to buy dough. In fact, BackBayGirl suggests just asking any pizza place you favor for a ball o’ dough. “The worst they can do is say no,” she shrugs. But multiple hounds recommend the dough at Haymarket Pizza (“my wife prefers Haymarket precisely for its chew and flavor,” says Bob Dobalina) and from Clear Flour, with CF’s dough edging out Haymarket’s. It’s a little more expensive, too: $2.75 vs. $1. Two bucks, big whoop.

And by the way, Bertucci’s has a good dough that they’ll roll out for you on the spot. “And you can get some rolls for immediate carb gratification,” says Guido.

Haymarket Pizza [The Waterfront]
106 Blackstone Street, Boston

Clear Flour [South Shore]
178 Thorndike Street, Brookline

Bertucci’s [South Shore]
6 Plaza Way, Plymouth

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