Make Your Own Tofurkey for Thanksgiving

Vegans and vegetarians always seem to get the shaft on Thanksgiving, filling up their plates with starchy side dishes while everyone else attacks the turkey. The easy alternative is sliding one of those rubbery premade faux-turkey roasts out of a plastic wrapper and plunking it down on the table.

But we don’t think that’s good enough. Guests who don’t want roasted turkey still deserve an impressive homemade main dish.

So the CHOW test kitchen set out to create a tofu “turkey” roast from scratch. After multiple tests with a variety of ingredients and techniques, we came up with a recipe that contains fresh tofu, herbs, and vegetables—stuff you can actually pronounce and find at any grocery store. We left out all the preservatives and stabilizers found in many commercial meat substitutes, loading our tofurkey up with flavorful ingredients like mushrooms, miso, and soy sauce.

And no, we did not stuff the whole thing into a turkey-shaped mold. We went the dignified route and made the tofurkey easier to bake by using a springform pan. Serve it with our vegan mushroom gravy for the full vegan holiday meal experience.

Here are our recipes for Homemade Tofurkey with Brown Rice Stuffing and Vegan Mushroom Gravy.

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