Back in third grade, our weekly library visits involved some serious bonding with a dog-eared copy of the Guinness Book of World Records. We knew we’d never have the opportunity to dethrone the world’s heaviest twins, our most beloved folk heroes in that tattered paperback. Still, we’d pore over the pages, searching for a record we could break.

In a recent Ace of Cakes episode, Duff achieved our childhood dream to grace the Guinness pages by baking the world’s largest cupcake. It called for 16 pounds of butter and 10 pounds of sugar, and the final product weighed 61.4 pounds and was over a foot tall.

Meanwhile, according to the World Records Academy, Bob Blumer, the host of Glutton for Punishment, set the record for the most pancakes made in one hour. His 559 flapjacks beat the previous record of 555.

And teenager Hannah Odom may have discovered the world’s longest french fry at an Arby’s in Hendersonville, South Carolina. It was just shy of two feet in length, and Ms. Odom is waiting for Guinness to confirm that her fry has made the cut.

For more record-beating inspiration, check out the “Big Food” records on the Guinness website. You may find yourself with a burning desire to whip up three tons of fudge or a 700-pound tiramisu.

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