Blu LA Café’s burger doesn’t quite look right, says ipsedixit: “comes on a brioche bun that looks too bready for the burger, a patty that appears too golfball-ish (made of 1/2 lb of Angus, fwiw), crumbled blue cheese that looks about 5 crumbs too few, a couple of bacon strips that seem too thin, and some totally disinterested-looking tomato and lettuce.”

But put it together, smash it down, take a healthy bite, and you get “one heck of a burger that borders on beefy nirvana,” says ipsedixit. “Crunchy, juicy, salty, and perfectly tangy. It’s one of those moments where you just want to chew and chew because you fear all that flavor-goodness will forever disappear if you swallow.”

But leave the fries behind for the nearby skid-row denizens, says ipsedixit. They’re meh.

Blu LA Café [Downtown]
126 E. Sixth Street, Los Angeles

Discuss: Blu LA Café … rubbing elbows with skid row peeps and having an amazing burger!

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