Tucked into a corner of the Marina Food supermarket (head left to the counter opposite the milk section) is a Korean-owned ramen joint that serves up tasty, homey bowls of MSG-free ramen, says K K.

A bowl of noodles at Simply Ramen comes crowned with two tender slices of chashu. Their “melt in your mouth porktastic goodness” is as good as Santa and Maruichi in their best days, raves K K. The shoyu broth is a flavorful blend made with chicken and pork bones, enlivened with soy sauce. Noodles, yellow and capellini-thin, have decent tooth bounce and are said to be freshly made off-site. Other toppings are a nicely cooked half egg, bean sprouts, corn, nori, and bamboo shoots. The bamboo shoots are the weakest link, still a bit on the crunchy side.

Other ramen flavors are miso, kimchee, seafood, vegetarian, and a saladlike cold ramen. Prices are about $6 for shoyu and just under $8 for seafood.

Simply Ramen [Peninsula]
Inside Marina Food
2992 S. Norfolk Street, San Mateo

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