Diana loves the soft, fresh cheese known as quark—and Appel Farms’ fat-free quark qualifies as a guilt-free dairy indulgence. Despite having only 70 calories per serving, this quark is “thick, creamy, satisfying,” and “a little sharp and tangy,” says Diana. Quark is reminiscent of yogurt cheese, but it’s not the same thing. “The flavor” of quark “is different, and the texture more cheesy,” says Diana. It’s great topped with spiced, puréed kabocha, or with chopped dill and garlic, or with roasted garlic and pepper over spaghetti squash, or even stuffed into grilled eggplant and topped with tomato sauce. “Oh, god, I’m happy I found it!” says Diana.

Board Link: Appel Farms Fat Free Quark! YUMMY! 70 calories per serving and this good?!

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